Visiting Rebecca By Stacie Larsen

Today, Margaret and I went to the prison to visit Rebecca.  None of the guys that were there on Sunday were there today, so I explained what we were doing there.  They sent me to the main man in charge, Fidel Majok, and he gave us permission to be there.  I mentioned we wanted to pray for Rebecca and read the Bible with her and he said that would be good.  She has been depressed and she needed encouragement.  Rebecca came over and we sat together and talked.  Mabior came with us and translated.  She said she was feeling ok, just a little bit in pain.  Margaret discussed her pregnancy with her and gave her tips on how to stay healthy.  We read Psalm 13 and told her that no matter how low she is, God loves her and sees her pain.  As we shared with her about the hope we have in Christ, she started to cry.  I could see the pain she was holding on to.  In culture known to be tough, I know it was hard for her to show such emotion.  That just proved to me how sad and hopeless she feels.  We told her we would be back next week and then prayed for her.  She said she really appreciated us coming.  Then Margaret examined her and we heard the baby’s heartbeat with the doplar we brought.  As we left, she seemed a little more hopeful than when we came.  We told Fidel that we would be back in a week and would be happy to see any other women in need of care.  Margaret and I will take turns sharing a devotion with Rebecca and the other ladies, if they want to join us, and be there to help Rebecca during her pregnancy.  I am excited to minister to these ladies stuck in a tough situation and show them there is always hope with Jesus.