Truck Arrived! By Stacie Larsen

This This afternoon our truck arrived. It was around 4:00 and a little late to start unpacking it, but we decided to go ahead anyway. We were too excited to let it sit. So, with the help of the staff, we unloaded it in about two hours. We didn’t open the boxes, just put them to where they needed to be. Then Saturday morning we began to inventory it all. That was an all day project. I was assigned to all the plumbing supplies. Try counting 20 four inch pvc elbows when you don’t even know what they are! Fortunately, I had the help of David and Stephanie who knew far more than I did. Then in the afternoon we hit the pharmacy which was loaded with 250 boxes of badly needed medicine and supplies. I am very pleased with the trucking company. Very few items were missing or damaged. This morning, the truck was getting ready to leave when it got stuck in the mud. We had a good rain yesterday and the front part of the truck is stuck in a huge hole. They have been working on it for 6 hours now. I feel so badly for them. The truck driver and his assistant were there when we loaded the truck and were surprised to see me in Sudan.

I am so thankful for the truck. We have prayed for it for so long. We were even down to two rolls of toilet paper in our storeroom. God brought it just in time! It was a reminder that God provides for us and in times of need we are drawn closer to him as we trust Him to work things out.

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  1. Wow, when you said “truck” I did NOT imagine such a huge truck. God is so good! We hope to see Sabet in October!
    Love, Paul and Kathy

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