More Dead and Wounded….Please Keep Praying.

Hand Grenade Kills More Children!
Continue to Pray…



Right after sending the last update, Sabet called to say the remaining victims finally came to the clinic.  The story of what happened yesterday is now unfolding and it appears a hand grenade was actually thrown into the camp as well as shots being fired.  Many people were killed and even more are still out there injured.  Photo 1, 2 and 3 shows Machar Chol, around 1 year.  He was shot in the back, which also injured part of the face.  His mother and sister were both killed.  Three other of his siblings were shot or wounded from the blast (photo 4).  Our medical team and other staff are working around the clock, please pray for them and for Sabet, for their strength and safety. 
Pray for Stacie, she slept at the hospital last night as they were contemplating possibly doing Matoch’s surgery right away.  I know she must now be exhausted having little sleep in the past 48 hours. 
My kids are doing OK with all the sudden rush and change,  They continue to amaze me and have been such troopers through this.  They understand why we left and have peace. 


In Christ, 


Suzy Kuj