Natasha’s Blog!


Words cannot trying express how faithful the Lord is, especially to this team, and today has been no exception.

This morning I (Natasha, a.k.a Ajak) did devotion about what the Lord has done in my life and how He saved me. During devotion Achol showed up and joined in, she`x the orphan girl from the clinic last night, who had run away from her abusive Aunt. She was all smiles, and I believe that for the first time she really experiencing love.

 Kristi, Kristina and I worked in the Clinic with the medical staff, and today, under Suzi’s leadership worked on creating a more efficient way to work.  When I was sitting in with John Paul (the doctor here) I was given the opportunity to talk to a young lady called Mary about Jesus, and that He loves her so much. She told me that she knows Jesus, that she was baptized as a little girl. John Paul helped me, and encouraged her to really know Him, and that He is calling her to a relationship with Him. We invited her to come to church on Sunday, and we prayed.  Kristina also was just shining the love of Jesus through her gentle and friendly work with the wound care children. Kristi has been a complete blessing to the Medical Clinic, using her organizing skills to serve alongside. We’ve had many fun/silly times together, and I have lost count of how many times we have been laughed at by the Sudanese for our misunderstanding etc.  I have really enjoyed working with these wonderful women and the staff there, I have learnt so much.

Today the boys and Stacie were doing a lot of physical labor, cleaning out the storage room. Dad (Leo) has been very busy since the Pastors left, fixing all sorts of mishaps around the compound; he is soon going to be moving the fridges into the storage room. Please keep the guys in your prayers specifically, that they wouldn’t  get injured and would have the wisdom to fix all the problems here.

 Emily is feeling a bit better today but unfortunately last night she was suffering from Malerone side effects, and we were up with her last night. Coming back from the clinic today I was informed the Mum (Josephine) was sick, and throwing up, please keep her in your prayers. She has been such a blessing to the People here in Tonj, through her music, her wisdom and encouragement.

Today dinner was a huge treat to everyone here; it was rice and chicken peanut sauce. We eat so well here, very blessed by the kitchen staff.       Who would ever imagine that we would eat as well as we do here in Africa. For desert we had jell-o, and Stacie and I are certain that it was raisin flavor (perhaps not). Either way, we are so blessed.

Well I m off to bed now, praying that I will finally get a full night, it has been so hot her at night.
Signing off, In the Faithfulness of Jesus