Love Never Fails!

Today was my turn to lead devotion and as always God’s timing is perfect.  I shared my testimony of being delivered from demon possession.  I had been brought up in the church and baptized as a child but spoke how this had no power and was a false hope.   The Pastors here at the school were being taught this very weak about true baptism.

There were many babies today in the clinic with malaria.  Every day the people come, waiting for many hours often walking many hours.  Wounds are bandaged, medicine given, with opportunities to smile opening the door to why we are here, to bring the Good News of our Savior, to tell them about Jesus who many have never heard about.  To know a God who loves them with a dying love, so strong it was willing to suffer for them, die for them to bring Salvation for them.

Many people suffer here, especially the woman.  I was asked to come to the clinic and speak and pray with a woman who had been beaten with a stick by her blind husband.   She was so badly wounded she was unable to eat for 4 days, keeping nothing down and now she had been brought here in great pain.  I had no words to say to her but I came knowing Jesus did.  I waited while they tried to find an interpreter and held her hand, looking into her eyes.  Eyes that had no hope, a depth of pain I knew that came from being hurt and abused by people who shouldn’t but should be protecting you.

I heard Jesus tell me He would interpret and began telling her that there was a God who loved her and the hope that was available to her about God’s Kingdom and heaven.  I prayed and trusted Jesus was having her understand.  Peter came to interpret and I told her about Jesus, who had also been beaten for us and died but had beaten death and risen again.  He wanted to offer her life that continued after the body died.  But she needed to forgive to receive forgiveness.  God wanted her to have His pure love.  He wanted her to know the hope she had and she didn’t reject anything I said.

But her nephew who had brought her wanted to take her to the next village 70 miles away.  They were going to wedge her between two men on a motor cycle.  It seemed hard to believe she would survive the trip.

The courage of this woman was amazing.  My heart was filled with desiring to honor her and give her dignity.  I knew God was going to honor her in His Kingdom.  We have been saved by virtue and glory (2 Peter 1) for worth and glory.  I felt later Jesus told me this woman had died and was with Him now.  1 Corinthians 13 – Love never fails, it always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres, love is the greatest.