Clinic Outreach!

Patients Praying to Receive Jesus as their SaviorWe have always prayed our medical clinic would be more than just a humanitarian service to the community of Tonj.  This week we experimented a little to see what methods of sharing the gospel works best.  One of the tools we’ve enjoyed is the Jesus film but it works best at night and during the day this is difficult to use.  We have about 150 patients a day coming to our clinic and because of the high number and only one doctor they are usually waiting a long time.  We wanted to use this waiting time to reach them with the gospel.  So today Sabet took our national staff for a 30 minute devotion at 10:30am and while he was doing that I went to the clinic and shared the story of the ‘Wordless Book’.  The patients were really engaged in what I was sharing and when I gave the invitation over 50 people stood to pray and ask Jesus to forgive their sins and be their Savior.  We then shared about growth and invited them to join our fellowship on Sunday and come to the women’s bible study.  I think this was so fruitful and simple to grasp, we will continue to use this method.