More Shopping!!

This blog was written on Sunday 12th October but I couldn’t get online top post it! 

It was so nice to go to church today.  We didn’t make it last week due to jet-lag and waking up at 11am!  So now we are fully adjusted to the 10 hour time difference.  The church, which has changed pastors since I was in the USA, has really grown.  I saw many families, missionaries and friends.  It was good to catch up with everyone. 

So we have a 5 ton truck to fill by Thursday and I decided to go back to Nakumatt this afternoon to finish the grocery shop for our compound food in Tonj.  I took 4 guys from the store around with me as I purchased 4 huge carts full of food.  When I went into the store it was beautiful sunshine and when I came out 2 hours later, it had poured with rain!  I could hear the downpour banging on the metal roof while I was shopping.  Thankfully the rain had stopped so we could unpack, repack, box and weight every box for the truck up to Loki in Northern Kenya.  There it will be stored and flown in when we have flights coming.  1 of the 5 tons will come in on a flight on the 22nd, so I am busy prioritizing that cargo and making sure it is clearly marked and seperated.  This week is going to be a crazy one as we prepare for teh arrival of