November 2018 Newsletter

Home Assignment!

We are excited to be heading back to USA in a few weeks. We’ll be spending December and March in Florida and January and February in California. God has provided accommodation and vehicles in both locations! Pray for our time in Panama City, FL. We are heading into an area that is hurting and devastated following hurricane Michael. We will be helping Suzy’s mum and anyone else in need as best we can.

Suzy, Sabet Jed, Hannah, Agum
Suzy, Sabet Jed, Hannah, Agum

How Can You Help Us?

It is exciting to see what God is doing here in Tonj and we are looking forward to sharing our stories with as many of you as possible. If you have been following us for a while and love what God is doing through us in South Sudan, then we need your help. Prayerfully consider hosting a small gathering in your home and inviting friends, family and neighbors for a meet and greet! We could also share at your home fellowship, bible study, small group or church. Introductions from people who know and trust us are so valuable and make the most effective long-term partnerships. Let me know through email if God is leading you in that direction. We’d also love to just catch up, share a meal or coffee and hang out with you, so please get in touch as our time will be short. We will be sharing our movement while in the USA through Facebook and Instagram.

Winning for Jesus!

The IDAT Soccer Cup Tournament was a huge success and after a month of games it ended with a massive turn out for the final match. The community spirit was amazing as the entire town showed up to watch Godzilla vs. Tonj United.

Tonj United (orange) vs. Godzilla (red)
Tonj United (orange) vs. Godzilla (red)

This Tournament gave us an open door to minister to the hearts of the young people of Tonj who love sport.

We thank God for the 18 evangelistic team members from Calvary Chapel Tonj that made this tournament a successful outreach.  They worked tirelessly setting up at every match, distributing tracts and bibles, sharing the gospel one to one with the crowd and following up with any new believers.

8,000 tracts distributed among the youth
8,000 tracts distributed among the youth

“Physical training is good, but training for godliness is much better, promising benefits in this life and in the life to come.” 1 Timothy 4:8

Police were assigned to control the large number of spectators

Throughout the tournament we shared some biblical life skills lessons on a live radio talk show hosted by the Don Bosco FM radio.  These lessons use soccer coaching skills and biblical truths which can be applied and improve lives. We did 12 shows, with a live call in option, reaching more than 5,000 people every show, discussing important topics like team unity, the ultimate ‘goal of life’(following Jesus), serving one another and so on. Every lesson clearly presented the gospel message and the call-in feedback was very positive.

Here’s some stats following the 26 matches:
  • More than 20,000 people heard the gospel message.
  • We had over 500 people who made decisions for Jesus Christ.
  • We gave out 8000 gospel tracts.
  • We gave away over 1,000 New Believer’s bibles, Christian literatures, audio messages and video bible stories.
  • More than 5,000 people were reached with gospel teaching over the radio.

Already we are being asked to host another tournament next year. So if you love Jesus and love soccer, pray about coming and helping with this life changing event!

October 2018 Newsletter

IDAT Football Tournament!

The one thing everyone loves in Africa that brings joy and unity is football!   (Aka soccer). Last year we hosted a tournament for the clinic opening and it was such a big hit that Sabet, and his team from CC Tonj church, thought it would be good to try this as an annual outreach event.  Thanks to a generous sponsor every player was kitted out in a new jersey kit. The different colored teams paraded from the IDAT compound to freedom square in the middle of Tonj town.

IDAT Football Cup Tournament Parade

An estimated 3,000 spectators showed up for the kick-off. This was an outreach event for IDAT who shared the gospel with team players and onlookers. The young players from each team carried plaques with positive messages to promote peace, unity, and love among the youth of Tonj. This young generation has only had hate, revenge and retaliation modeled as a way to solve conflict.

Team Players Parade with Plaques

A team of guys from Calvary Chapel Tonj mingled among the crowds with Gospel tracts and bibles and shared the gospel message one to one.

CC Tonj giving out bibles

This tournament is going for one month and as the word got around, at the second game we saw around 8,000 people attend!

The crowd gathers for the 2nd game

God has totally blessed the response which we hugely underestimated. We’re so excited to add a sports dimension to our ministry.  We are still in need of about $2,000 to cover the costs of hosting this large event. If you feel led to help us with this extra cost, please go to our website or email us.

I press on toward the Goal for the prize is the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. - Phil 3:14

Adut Goes Home!

Three months ago, a little girl called Adut arrived at our hospital on the brink of death from Tuberculosis, which had spread to infect many of the organs in her body. Two weeks ago, Adut was back on the oxygen machine gasping for air, and her parents asked to take her home to die peacefully as she seemed to be deteriorating despite our best efforts. That night we gathered in the ward as a team and cried out to God for a miracle – and He answered!

Praying for Adut

From that day on Adut started to improve, and we finally got to celebrate as a team and discharge her to go home! Our volunteers Isaac and Rebekah did an amazing job providing top notch nursing care for her these past 3 months. Sadly, we also say goodbye to them this month, as they head back to New Zealand.

Isaac and Rebekah with Adut

Pray for our upcoming furlough we still need accommodation and vehicles to use in CA and FL.

September 2018 Newsletter

New Ward Opening!

These photos speak for themselves. We had an amazing day. God totally blessed us and gave us favor with the government. It started with you, giving generously so we could provide an adequate space for our inpatients and here it is!

Travis in the old ward
Travis and the team inside the new ward

Our dear NZ volunteer and friend, Richard Welch, made the foundation ready and then Travis (project manager) came from New Zealand, with his dad and cousin, to build the ward and completed it in just 5 months! It truly was God’s children joining hands across the world to make this happen.

The National Minister of Health, Hon. Dr. Riak Gai Kok, arriving at the airstrip in Tonj to open the new IDAT ward

We were truly honored the National Minister of Health flew especially from Juba with several government ministers and a TV crew to officially open the new ward.

Hon. Dr. Riak opening the new ward
Hon. Dr. Riak inspecting the new ward
The ward was named in loving memory of Richard Welch

They honored Suzy with a traditional cow hide dress worn in the cattle camps.

The event was on national TV

A huge crowd attended and following the speeches, we celebrated with lots of dancing and singing.

Sabet and Suzy at the airstrip thanking Hon. Dr. Riak and National MP’s for attending the ward opening.
Our construction team standing under God’s promise to complete the ward in the time and budget provided.

August 2018 Newsletter

Kuj Family Update!

Hannah is back from her 4 months in USA. She was able to catch up on school and complete grade 10. Suzy, Agum and Jed traveled to Kenya to meet her and take a short break. While in Kenya the kids spent a week at Camp BlueSky.

Jed at Camp BlueSky

With the new ward building and more volunteers arriving, Sabet decided to stay in Tonj. During this time, Dr. Dave Pierce came for 4 weeks to help cover the busy malaria season in the clinic and to help us with the profiles for our upcoming ‘Pastor Sponsorship’ program. The launch of this program should be ready in the next few weeks, so if you’re interested we will be sending more details next month. Dave also spent countless hours working on the solar power requirements to give our clinic and new ward adequate power throughout the day and night. This upgrade will hopefully eliminate the need to use the generator which is so costly.

But He said, “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.” — Luke 18:27

Medical Teams Worldwide!

In addition to Dr. Dave we had a small team volunteer for a week from Medical Teams Worldwide, who are now partnering with IDAT.  Dr. Kelley served in the clinic, Babu taught a leadership workshop to the elders of CC Tonj and Eric began preparing a foundation for Dr. Kelley’s module home so he has a permanent place to stay when he comes.

Babu encouraging CC Tonj elders

New Ward Opening!

Our new ward is just weeks from being finished. It will have 20 beds which is more than double of the capacity we currently have. Over the past few weeks we have had to house in-patients in our devotion room, maternal waiting home and on the verandah’s! We thank God for Travis and his team that have worked tirelessly to get this project finished in just 5 months. The National Minister of Health is flying from Juba with 10 officials and a television crew to attend the opening ceremony.

Sick Babies!

This has been one of the hardest month’s in the clinic. The cerebral malaria has claimed many young lives. Despite these losses we have had many victories and hundreds of children have been rescued from the brink of death. Achol came in convulsing and
completely stopped breathing.

Achol being treated at the clinic.

After sending the urgent prayer request through instagram (IDATSUDAN), she immediately started to improve and went on to make a quick and full recovery!

Achol 12 hours later! Happy and healthy.

Upcoming Furlough!

It’s hard to believe our family is coming to the two-year mark of being back in South Sudan and making plans for our next home assignment from December through March. We are excited to see our family, friends and ministry partners. We are willing to travel and would LOVE the opportunity to share with your church, small group, bible study or fellowship. If you are interested in having us visit, please email to make arrangements. We are in need of accommodation in San Diego in January/February and also in need of a car to use in CA and FL. Please email us if you can help with any of these needs.

July 2018 Newsletter

CC Tonj!

Our church is growing in size but more exciting is the spiritual growth. Sabet has raised up two pastors to help him with teaching and administration. With several church plants in the villages his team are addressing some of the social and cultural issues these churches are facing. They started with a marriage seminar and went deep into God’s Word and what it says about marriage.

Guaria Village Marriage Seminar

Polygamy is legal and widely accepted even among church members. Sabet shared from Genesis 2:21-24 and how God values men and women equally and His intention is for them to become one body. Weeks later we started hearing testimonies from the churches of how people are making changes in their lives. One man had cows ready and was about to pay the dowry for his second wife. After the seminar he realized this was not God’s will for him and decided to use the cows to help the church instead.

Another lady had carried the burden for years that her last born child was not from her husband. After the teaching she was so convicted, and convinced God was speaking only to her! She couldn’t sleep so the next day she confessed to the church pastor and her husband with total brokenness and now they are working on reconciliation. We are praising Jesus for the awakening among the people here.

World Cup Outreach!

Football (soccer) is massive in Africa. Every male from young to old knows how to play and has their favorite teams and players. In keeping with the excitement surrounding the kick-off of the FIFA World Cup, our church organized a special sports outreach for the young men and women in our church. They invited their friends and it was an opportunity to have fun and fellowship together. We had volleyball and table tennis tournaments.

IDAT Volleyball Tournament

We arranged to have the opening game on-screen through satellite as the local people don’t have electricity in their homes and have limited access to watching TV.

CC Tonj World Cup Outreach

After watching the game Sabet gave a short message and the church prayed together. It was a great day! Please keep our church plants in your prayers.

“Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me – put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.” – Philippians 4:9

Zac and Rebekah!

Rebekah and Isaac are nurses from New Zealand who have been with us since mid-May. They both feel called to medical missions, have a desire to serve in Africa and were excited to have the opportunity through IDAT to explore this further, spending five months here with us during our crazy busy malaria season.

Isaac caring for a patient

Most of their time is spent in the clinic and inpatient ward. Rebekah has been busy with the organization of the ward and setting up equipment and a resus room for emergency situations. As well as serving in the clinic, Isaac has been helping Sabet with the new believers’ class. And they have both been helping to training the community health workers, recently focusing on the new recruits that just started.

Isaac teaching our new health workers

They are both inspired by what God is doing in Tonj with IDAT and excited to be a part of it. Pray for their protection and future direction in missions.

News From The Field